The Lombardy eco-region situated in Italy, is a large European industrial cluster in Italy gathering 160 members. The cluster is charting its course towards a greener future through the Regional Programme for Energy, Environment and Climate (PREAC). With targets stretching to 2030 and a vision extending to 2050, the Lombardy eco-region aims to reduce energy consumption by 28% to 32% across all sectors compared to 2005 levels, while increasing renewable energy production to between 31% and 33% of total energy use.

To achieve this goal, the Lombardy region encourages self-consumption and the creation of energy communities, alongside promoting storage systems.

In Lombardy, preference is given to the hydrogen chain, thermal energy (high focus on heat pumps), photovoltaics, biogas production from waste and biomethane. Despite its decentralised industrial layout, the Lombardy eco-region fosters industrial symbiosis – mainly through the use of thermal waste and resource –, notably in areas like Brescia and Milan, which boast Italy’s most developed district heating network.

Many industries in Lombardy have also decided to cover part of their energy needs with self-production from renewable energy.

Which scenarios will be demonstrated?

For the Lombardy region, iDesignRES will demonstrate scenarios focusing on:

  • Industrial symbiosis through thermal waste/resources.
  • Self-production from RES to cover industry energy needs.
  • Smart Grids for innovative planning, management and control for electricity transmission/distribution.
  • Efficient transport and valorisation of natural gas and biomethane.