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Pioneering Achievements in Energy Systems

iDesignRES develops energy system models based on its open-source modular database, cloud hub platform and visualisation tools. The objective of iDesignRES tools and models is to support the planning of renewable energy by public authorities, network operators and industries. Discover the deliverables and breakthroughs of iDesignRES. Our results reflect a commitment to sustainability and innovation in energy modelling and policy influence.

Deliverables Presentations Publications


WP1: Multi-Physics component models: Implementation and development

D1.1: Specifications for data sharing and tools integration

D1.2: Multi-physics component models

D1.3: Certification procedures multi-physics component modules

WP2: System modelling tool: Modules assembling and long-term planning

D2.1: Standardised modular framework

D2.2: System assembling tool

D2.3: Pan-European NUTS 2 multi-carrier geolocation planning model

D2.4: NUTS 2 optimisation model

WP3: Demonstrators and need owners requirements

D3.1: Methodology for use-cases implementation

D3.2: Optimal transition scenarios (demonstrators) incl. socio-ethics

WP4: Open database and cloud hub platform

D4.1: Updated Scenario Explorer and guidelines

D4.2: Cloud hub platform and guidelines

WP5: Operational tool development

D5.1: Operational iDesignRES visualisation tools

D5.2: Open-source models packages and holistic end-user manual

D5.3: Optimal transition scenarios (replications) incl. socio-ethics

WP6: Impact, dissemination, communication

D6.1: Exploitation and Dissemination Plan including Communication activities

D6.2: Panorama of the European energy modelling ecosystem

D6.3: Report on public authorities and network operators contributions

WP7: Project management

D7.1: Project Management Plan and associated toolbox

D7.2: Data Management Plan

D7.3: Ethics requirements

D7.4: First revision of the PMP

D7.5: Second revision of the PMP


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Insights and Innovations

Discover the latest breakthroughs and scholarly analyses authored by experts in our publications, available for you to download and enrich your knowledge.

Our first presentation will soon be available for download.

Scientific publications

Our first publication will soon be available for download.