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iDesignRES Models and Toolboxes: Planning the Uptake of Renewable Energy

iDesignRES innovative tools empower both the public and relevant authorities to design renewable energy systems entirely online. With unparalleled accessibility, our tools enable modelling at high spatio-temporal resolutions, capturing intricate energy system physics and offering granular model assembly capabilities.

iDesignRES models and interactions

We develop an open-source modular framework that seamlessly integrates all energy carriers with unprecedented spatio-temporal detail, achieving NUTS Level 2 granularity or finer. This energy system modelling includes long-term scenarios and optimisation features.

Our modelling approach follows a 3-layer framework:

  • Layer 1: Pan-European layer – NUTS Level1 optimisation: Provides long-term decarbonisation scenarios.
  • Layer 2: NUTS Level2 layer Multi-Carrier Model: Considers boundary conditions from Layer 1, featuring:
    • A multi-carrier location, investment, and demand planning tool leveraging PRIMES model expertise.
    • A detailed multi-carrier NUTS Level2 operational simulation model disaggregating JRC-EU-TIMES model.
  • Layer 3: NUTS Level2 Operational Aspects layer: Enables regional zoom-in, offering a toolbox for detailed regional integrated energy system analysis with optimisation, geolocation, and stress-testing tools, focusing on high spatio-temporal detail.

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models illustion

Explore our tools: Visualisation tools and Cloud Hub Platform

Our cutting-edge visualisation tools and cloud hub platform streamline system modelling and optimisation. With the cloud hub platform bringing the models and database infrastructure, effortlessly run models online, while our intuitive visualisation tools simplify result interpretation for adapted decision-making. Stay tuned for access to these invaluable resources!

Guides and Documentation: Empowering Your Journey

Empowerment through documentation: Access user guides and comprehensive documentation to maximise your utilisation of the models. Our guides are designed to not only facilitate models’ usage but also address socio-ethical considerations, ensuring positive impact and evaluation. Stay tuned to access to them right here when available!

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