March 13th, 2024 – Trondheim, Norway

As part of the NTNU Energy Transition week 2024, iDesignRES participated in a workshop dedicated to European Climate and Energy Modelling. During this workshop, participants discussed latest research trends and ideas in developing collaborative modelling exercises. The workshop consisted of these main parts:

  • Landscape on Energy and Climate modelling projects and initiatives
  • Research trends and challenges in energy system modelling
  • Presentation of inter-comparison modelling tools for joint assessments
    Additionally, there will be a dedicated session to discuss the synergies between
    Forum activities, EU projects, and the European Climate and Energy Modelling
    Platform (ECEMP), co-hosted by the European Commission.

The workshop brought together European experts in energy and climate modelling
and was organized by the European Climate and Energy Modelling Forum (ECEMF)
in collaboration with the European Forum for Energy and Climate Transition
(EFECT). It was supported by iDesignRES, related EU projects, and other relevant
initiatives in the field.